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Agnieszka, 25, Poland, English major, unsuccessfully looking for a job.
Currently obsessing over the Musketeers, Sleepy Hollow and Czas honoru.
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Ichabbie Sleepy Hollow 2x05



Combined Gifs

Probably laughed more than I should have

Um, where did you say do you work? No reason, just asking. *innocent*

ha, i know your innocent, i design aluminum fences and he assembles them while looking dashing and being one of the most polite guys i’ve ever met



Cement eclipses; tiny cement skeletons haunt the streets in Mexico.

the skeleton war hit us hard

there’s a guy in my workplace who reminds me of young Ewan McGregor

i want to sing el tango de roxanne with him

zrób co się da, co tylko się da

niech nasza bajka trwa


the worst scene ever

good and wise women need good and wise men so you won’t be happy with me, nope, not a chance

i call bulls**t






Here we see Santiago Cabrera looking sweaty, pale, lank hair, big dark circles under his eyes… and he’s STILL fucking gorgeous! Arrrgghhh!

Here we see post-Savoy Aramis Being Taken Care Of y/y?

(Damn, I already wrote a shaving h/c fic. Can I do another one? Would that be in any way beneficial?)

It would always be beneficial to write a fic about Aramis.

Plus, I’ve done all that research into shaving, it’d be a shame shame to let it go to waste.

There you go then, the perfect excuse. Not that you need one. :)

You can never write enough shaving fic. Just sayin’…

oh i read this fic, i’m having a fangirling episode:D

completely vulnerable and pliant aramis is a rare sight, and i think i now know where this craving for a shaving h/c fic came from

also, his eyes are mesmerizing

i’m too lazy to paint my nails

can’t help it

crabsandlobsters replied to your post “ARAMIS”

and they would end up having the most satisfying yet least trustworthy sex ever

i’ve read a fic where Aramis comes to her with a fair warning, something along the lines like Leave my friend alone or I’ll end you. There’s a little foreplay with a knife and then Aramis leaves, I guess it’s because the rating of the story - but this pair has great potential. 

santiago-cabrera replied to your post “ARAMIS”

yasssssss i ship aramis x milady so hard even tho they’ve not really interacted.


crabsandlobsters said: ARAMIS

Choose :

My same sex otp - Aramis x Porthos, no surprise here, they fit together, physically and emotionally

My opposite sex otp - Aramis x Anne, my beautiful starcrossed lovers

My most hated pairing - well… Aramis’s got a whole lot of love for everyone but this one would be Aramis x d’Artagnan, I don’t hate it, it’s too strong a word, I just can’t see it

My same sex unusual otp - Aramis x Athos, which isn’t actually very unusual, but there are too few fanfics of them to consider it popular:)

My opposite sex unusual otp - Aramis x Milady, no one else would be able to release his inner demons

My crossover otp - Aramis x Gamora, I was thinking about the Musketeers being the Guardians of the Monarchy and how much fun it would be to watch Aramis getting his ass kicked by a fierce lady and then them having love/hate sex


Oh,you can’t hear me cry
See my dreams all die
From where you’re standing
On your own.
It’s so quiet here
And I feel so cold

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